Collection: Jams

Jams are made with the full fruit - the pulp and the juice.
Seedless jams are still jams because they are made from the pulp of the fruit.

As defined by the FDA and regulated by law, a jam has more fruit pulp than a 'preserve'.
A 'preserve' is a jam that has been watered down. Much of the fruit has been replaced with water to create a cheaper product.
Pioneer Valley does not make preserves.

A 'spread' is defined by law to be a product with even less fruit it. It is mostly just sugar water.
If you see an 'all fruit' spread in the grocery store, don't be fooled. It is mostly sugar water.
Pioneer Valley does not make spreads.

Pioneer Valley jams are never watered down, adulterated or otherwise cheapened with fillers.
We make our products the way my grandmother taught me - with as much premium ripe fruit as possible.
After all, we make these for family.