Seedless Black Raspberry Jam

Seedless Black Raspberry Jam

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This small difficult to grow raspberry is so deeply red colored that it appears to be black.
It has a deeper fuller taste than the red raspberry with undertones of cardamom and dark chocolate.

Note:  this is a raspberry and not a blackberry. It is a *black* raspberry. These are sometimes called 'black caps' because the berry is so small it appears to be just the 'cap' of a raspberry.

These are expensive and the supply is limited.

Most of out berries come out of select valleys in Oregon. There they receive an optimal amount of sun, shade, warmth and rain.
Farther north is too cold and too much cloud cover. Farther east not enough rain. Farther west and too much rain. Farther south too warm.
If you want the world's best berries you need to go to where the world's best berries are located.
And that is what we do.
And we work directly with our growers to get the ripest possible berries.
Berries that have ripened on the bush until they have achieved the pinnacle of sweetness and flavor.

Each attractive glass jar contains 8oz of premium jam.
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