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Apricot Honey Almond Jam

Apricot Honey Almond Jam

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The richness and vibrancy of apricots partnered with a hint of honey and almond.
Almonds and apricots come from the same family of fruit and are complementary.
Almond extract brightens the apricot and the honey mellows the edginess of the apricot while adding depth and dimensionality.
With actual pieces of almond right in the jam.
Note: the almonds float during the bottling process and will be mostly at the top of the jar.  They are there mostly for nostalgia. The very minor almond tone comes from almond extract.

When the pioneers first arrived in Utah they had no access to sugar.
So they used honey to preserve the fruit.
And food was extremely scarce and absolutely nothing went to waste.
So when they preserved apricots (made apricot jam) they would throw in the nut from inside the pit of the apricots.
And that nut is was a variety of almond.  (Do *NOT* eat the nut in modern apricot varieties - they are poisonous.)
At Pioneer Valley we keep that old traditional pioneer recipe alive with our Apricot Honey Almond Jam.
We have updated and modernized that old pioneer recipe and the result is a jam bursting in apricot flavor.
It is like someone took hold of the volume button on the apricot flavor and just cranked it up.
If you are an apricot lover then this is a jam not to be missed.

We work directly with local growers. We buy our apricots while they are still on the tree and pay the growers a premium to keep them on the tree far longer than they would be if they were sent to a grocery store or farmers market. In this way we get fruit the is ripened on the tree and is far riper than could ever normally be purchased. A much riper apricot is a much sweeter and flavorful apricot without the edginess or bitterness often associated with apricots. We also remove the skins so that only the truest essence of the apricot is captured in our jam.
Because to make the best jam you have to start with the best fruit.
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