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Raspberry Cream Caramels - 8oz gift box

Raspberry Cream Caramels - 8oz gift box

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A raspberry flavored caramel.

Typically only available Christmas through Valentine's Day.

This is a soft creamy caramel.

Each piece is individually wrapped. Each piece weighs about .45ounce.

There is at least 8 ounces of caramels in each box.

*  A rich old fashioned caramel that is literally 'melt in your mouth' soft. What makes Pioneer Valley so good? It could be the premium ingredients, it could be our meticulous attention to detail, it could be our master processing skills. Or it could just be that we love what we do and what we do is make the most wonderfully luscious tasting treats on the planet. What makes a premium caramel? The ingredients and the way it is made. At Pioneer Valley we use real butter. Lots and LOTS of butter. Mountains of butter. And cream. Real cream. And copious amounts of evaporated milk. And then we cook them in a way with the sugars so that the sugars caramelize and blend with the dairy to create a wonderful, true, caramel. And then we mix and blend everything for hours to ensure it is the smoothest caramel ever. Soft individually wrapped caramel.

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