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Maltesian Caramels

Maltesian Caramels

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A special kind of caramel.

A long time ago I spent a couple years in France. And while there I picked up a particularly old French recipe book that had obviously been passed down a few times.  From deep inside that old recipe book I found some hand written notes in an old script that was almost impossible to read. Those notes made reference to a now unknown area wedged between the Alsace in France and Bavaria in Germany. The area was called, 'Maltesia'. It is unknown, but it could have been a county, a valley, or a small village. But it mentioned that the milk and cream from 'Maltesia' was particularly sweet and using that milk to make a milky sweet confection was particularly delightful.

I have updated and modernized that recipe and added malt (like as in malted milk ball).

We use a specialty evaporated milk that has a higher lactose content.

And the result is a smooth, sweet, creamy and malty caramel like no other.


Typically only available at Christmas time.

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