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LOVE Image Lollies

LOVE Image Lollies

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A truly unique candy to give.

Pieces of hard candy with the word 'LOVE' in the center.
These are flavored Tropical Punch.

These are little cylindrical pieces of candy of hard handy. They have an image inside made to look like the word 'LOVE'. Part of the candy has been pulled to aerate it. In other words, pull air into the candy. In this way the candy releases more flavor quicker and the candy will also have a slight crunch to it.

Perfect for Valentine's Day. But also goes well with flowers or baskets or by themselves for many occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, bereavement, graduations, date night, date invitations, etc.  Use your imagination!

Image lollies are hard candies that show an image on the inside.
Sometimes called rock, cut rock, cut lollies, rock lollies, image candy, or kintaru ame.
What do you call a lollypop without the stick?  A lolly!

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