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Cinnamon Apple Passion Syrup

Cinnamon Apple Passion Syrup

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For those people who are passionate about their apple (or cider) syrup.
Bursting with intense apple flavor and ‘kicked up a notch’ with just a tiny hint of red hot cinnamon to brighten the apple tones and a smidgen of passion fruit to intensify the apple tones.
This syrup will surely bring the passion out in you.
This syrup is good on a plain, apple spice or whole wheat pancakes. But for a truly memorable treat try our Cinnamon Apple Passion pancake syrup on a gingerbread pancake.  You haven't had pancakes until you've tried this on a gingerbread pancake.
Cinnamon Apple Passion pancake syrup on a gingerbread pancake is one of Wayne's favorites.
***  SHAKE WELL  ***

Each attractive glass jar contains 11.5oz by weight of premium pancake syrup.
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